Mittwoch, Januar 16, 2008

Tschechische Republik: Männer genauso häufig Opfer häuslicher Gewalt

Es ist wirklich faszinierend mitanzusehen, wie in immer neuen Ländern dieser Erde das exakt selbe Spiel abläuft: Neue Untersuchungen führen zu dem Ergebnis, dass Männer ebenso sehr von Gewalt in der Partnerschaft betroffen sind wie Frauen, und daraufhin werden diese Studien ignoriert. So berichtet auch der Prague Daily Monitor:

While dozens of studies focusing on male victims of domestic violence have been made abroad, only one survey on this subject has been conducted in the Czech Republic, without the media even noticing it, Tyden writes. The survey made by a team of lecturers and students from the South Bohemian University, published in the book "Domestic Violence Committed on Men and Seniors" in 2006, reveals that "every tenth Czech man experiences in his partnership something that goes beyond a common argument and that is close to violence, either physical or psychological," Tyden writes.

(…) Sociologist Jiri Burianek, co-author of the survey and head of the sociology studies at Prague's Charles University Faculty of Arts, said the results of the Czech survey of this kind are not very surprising. "It is in fact what I expected. The surveys conducted abroad showing that both genders have more or less equal experience with domestic violence have been warning us for a long time already," the weekly quotes Burianek as saying. He says men are often more vulnerable than women since there is actually nobody to help them, while women have dozens of non-profit organisations to protect them. (…) "While in physical maltreatment the victims are usually women, in mental torture they are in the lead," Burianek says.


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