Mittwoch, Mai 23, 2007

Häusliche Gewalt in Kalkutta

Immer wieder gern blogge ich hier Beiträge aus der Geschlechterdebatte in Indien. Warum? Weil es am anderen Ende der Welt liegt und eine in vielem komplett andere Gesellschaft als die unsere ist und ich es deshalb faszinierend finde, wenn sich dort geschlechterpolitisch zum Teil ähnliche Debatten abspielen. Aktuell etwa kommentiert der „Telegraph“ aus Kalkutta:

Each country has its own specific statistics, its own customs and social attitudes, and in India, there can be no doubt that women suffer all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation far more than men. The changes in law and the protections offered to women have therefore been all the more welcome here. But the law, which should ideally be non-discriminatory and impartial, does put men at a disadvantage. Cases of dowry-death and torture, for example, are so numerous, that a complaint is enough to put the husband and his immediate family behind bars. It is also a non-bailable offence, and may therefore cost the man his job even if he is later found not guilty. The situation, given the disadvantaged position of women in Indian society, is truly difficult. So the Centre’s recent move to correct the imbalance in the laws to give men some protection must be welcomed as a necessary one. It is a harsh truth that it has become easier for women, if so minded, to accuse men of violence or violation, or claim self-defence after being violent themselves. The guidelines against sexual harassment in the workplace, again, allow for such loopholes.

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