Montag, Januar 08, 2007

RADAR-Preis "Wahrhaftigkeit im Journalismus" verliehen

Die Nachrichtensendung „Primetime“ des amerikanischen Senders ABC erhielt einen Preis über wahrhaftige Berichterstattung im Journalismus von der Bürgerrechtsgruppe RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting). „Primetime“ hatte ein kleines Experiment mit einer versteckten Kamera veranstaltet, bei dem eine junge Frau gegenüber einem Mann in einem öffentlichen Park gewalttätig wird. (Die beiden waren in Wahrheit natürlich Schauspieler.)

„Primetime“ berichtet auf dieser Website, auf der auch das Video zu sehen ist:

(…) On previous shows, "Primetime" has staged scenes of abuse in which the man is the aggressor, and the woman is the victim. And in these situations, passersby — men and women — often stepped up and intervened. So producers were curious. What would happen if the tables were turned, and the man was suddenly the victim? Would people be just as willing to come to his defense?
This staged scenario happens more often in real life than you may think. According to Colgate University psychology professor Carrie Keating, women abusing, even assaulting their male partners "is a big problem in this country."
"There are some data that suggest that women actually hit more than men do," says Keating. "Men create more damage, but women hit more than men do."
A report prepared for the Centers for Disease Control estimates that each year there are over 800,000 serious cases of men being physically abused by women. But the actual figures are believed to be much higher, since many men are often too embarrassed to admit being the victim of abuse by a woman.(…)
The reaction of another woman, Lynda, was stunning. As our actress continued to heap abuse on her make-believe boyfriend, she walked by the scene and pumped her fist in a show of sisterly solidarity.
"Good for you. You Go, Girl!" is how Lynda recalls her reaction.
"I was thinking he probably did something really bad," she said. "Maybe she caught him cheating or something like that…and [it] made her lose it and slap him in the face. I reacted like, 'Yes. Woman power.'"(…)

Der Artikel ist in Gesamtheit lesenswert.

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