Freitag, Juni 26, 2015

Japan: Immer mehr Jungfrauen mittleren Alters

Yoko Wakatsuki berichtet für CNN:

When I was a young, single woman in Japan in the 1980s, the economy was red hot and so was the dating scene. Cool girls weren't ashamed of losing their virginity before marriage. Of course for me personally, losing my virginity was a big deal. But socially, it was no biggie. It was the 80s, Japan was alive, and life was good.

Goodness, how times have changed.

It's alarming for me, and many of my peers, to see the enthusiasm about sex and relationships we felt during our youth replaced by the sexual indifference seen in Japan today.

A government survey released this week suggested that nearly 40 percent of Japanese in their twenties and thirties are not in a relationship don't think they need a romantic partner, with many calling relationships "bothersome."

Another survey from 2010 found that one in four Japanese men in their thirties who've never been married are virgins. The figures were only slightly less for women.

This sexual apathy is extremely troubling for Japan, which has the world's most rapidly aging population, sparking concerns that citizens will not produce enough children to sustain a healthy economy in the coming years.

(...) Twenty years of economic stagnation seems to have led to emasculation of some Japanese men, who can no longer count on finding a job that will pay enough to support a wife and children.

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