Sonntag, Mai 17, 2015

Indien, Neuseeland, China: Bewusstsein für männliche Opfer sexueller Gewalt wächst

Growing increasingly aware of molestation and sexual assault of young boys, the civic body will soon set up ‘Nirbhaya’ centres that, apart from providing medico-legal, surgical and psychological counseling to women victims, will also specifically cater to adolescent boys who have been subjected to such assaults.

Der indische Express berichtet.

For the first time in New Zealand, a national structure has been set up specifically to support male survivors of sexual abuse.

Samantha Gee berichtet aus Neuseeland.

For the sake of gender equality, Jia Jian, a legal expert lecturer at the Chongqing-based Southwest University of Political Science and Law, made a proposal last Monday that the Chinese government expand the Criminal Law's definition of rape victims in order to include males.

Hier geht es weiter.

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