Freitag, März 13, 2015

"Männerrechtler verzerren Debatte über Gleichberechtigung"

In CAFE’s topsy-turvy world view, men are the unsung victims while women are the covert oppressors. Their message is not about equality so much as it is a grandly deluded turning of the tables. And while their carefully written mandate claims to support “the status, health and well-being of boys and men,” in fact their actions do the opposite – by stoking anger and self-pity in the minds of a small and troubled minority. And that anger and self-pity – guess what it leads to? More hating on women. Which is exactly what we don’t need when it comes to the fight for equality.

Ask any cop or social worker and they will tell you the same thing: Female-perpetrated spousal and sexual abuse is relatively rare. (...) Violence against women, on the other hand? A quick glance at the latest crime statistics will show you it is sadly endemic in our society.

Auch in Kanada haben Feministinnen mit Männerrechtlern immer mehr Probleme.

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