Mittwoch, November 12, 2014

"Sexuelle Gewalt gegen Jungen ist ein globales Problem"

Last year, Nirbhaya, a play helmed by acclaimed writer/director Yael Farber and produced by actor Poorna Jagannathan that was based on the December 2012 gang-rape case, saw five women break their silence on sexual violence. While working on this production, Jagannathan learnt that according to research conducted by Human Rights Watch, an international NGO, one in two boys are sexually abused in India.

(...) Jagannathan says, "After every show of Nirbhaya, audiences would ask why we hadn’t included any stories of boys or men. I hope this tour will encourage men affected by sexual violence to break their silence. Only when we address sexual violence against boys, will we be able to address one of the root causes of violence against women."

Hier geht es weiter. (Und natürlich wäre es schön, wenn man die Bekämpfung von sexueller Gewalt gegen Jungen nicht damit rechtfertigen müsste, dass man damit damit ja auch etwas gegen die sexuelle Gewalt zu Lasten von Frauen tut.)

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