Freitag, September 26, 2014

US-Unis: Student als "Verharmloser von Vergewaltigungen" verleumdet, weil er die "Rape Culture" in Frage stellte

Julius Kairey, an openly conservative student columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun campus newspaper, was viciously smeared in a recent mass public attack, with fliers spread around the Ivy League university that unfairly and inaccurately labeled him a “Racist Rape Apologist.”

An unknown number of paper fliers were peppered in high-traffic campus locations late last week, such as a walkway near freshmen housing and Cornell’s Olin Library.

The fliers featured a large picture of Kairey in the center, with his full name in bold lettering across the top and a caption below reading: “Daily Sun Columnist and Racist Rape Apologist.”

The description may be in reference to some of his opinion columns in the Sun, the mainstream campus newspaper. The perpetrator of the malicious campaign has yet to be apprehended.

Hier geht es weiter.

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