Dienstag, Juni 17, 2014

Er wird vom Campus verwiesen, weil sie Sex von ihm wollte

A student is suing Occidental College in Los Angeles for expelling him after a female student allegedly sent text messages indicating she had wanted to have sex, arranged for a rendezvous, then one week later accused him of sexual assault.

The case is the latest to follow the Obama administration’s new effort to crack down on campus rape.

The plaintiff, who filed anonymously as John Doe, said the female student texted him asking if he had a condom, informed a friend she was "goingtohave ‘sex" (sic) and coordinated a route to his dorm.

Police investigated and decided not to prosecute, but the male student was expelled, because of "pressure from the federal government to take action on sexual assault," according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is working on the case.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Alison Meyers found that witnesses "agreed that the victim and suspect were both drunk" but were "willing participants exercising bad judgment."

The college, nevertheless, which had faced a multi-plaintiff lawsuit from attorney Gloria Allred before the "Doe" case arose, found the student “responsible” for sexual assault.

FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley said disregard "for due process on campus, prompted by mandates from the federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, has predictably led to unjust results."

Hier geht es weiter.


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