Samstag, Juli 15, 2017

Achtzig Prozent der Toten sind Männer (worüber kaum jemand spricht) – News vom 15. Juli 2017

1. Ein Großvater holt seine Enkelin ab. Ein Passant glaubte, er sei ein Kinderschänder und alarmierte die Polizei. Diese nennt es ein "positives Beispiel von Zivilcourage".

2. Das Drogenproblem speziell für Männer ist in Nordamerika so übel geworden, dass man selbst im feministischen Guardian einen besorgten Artikel findet:

A professor at the University of British Columbia has highlighted a different statistic from the crisis: in 2016, of the 935 fatal overdoses in the province, 80% were men.

Research that shows men are more likely to use illicit drugs, so it is perhaps logical that they are more likely to overdose. But the clinical psychologist Dan Bilsker argues that the figure suggests a relationship between the crisis and masculinity – one that may offer clues as to why the death toll continues to rise, and where the solutions might lie.

"I think we haven’t really thought deeply or well about who men are, about what the pressures on them are, what we need them to be," he said.

Bilsker has spent years studying men’s psychological health, delving into why men live an average of four to six years less than women and are more likely to kill themselves. In some ways, the opioid crisis stems from the same tangled roots, he said. And as with many other health issues, its singular interaction with gender has been largely overlooked.

(...) Bilsker believes the government’s response would be different if those dying were 80% women. "I suspect there would be more groups – more people actively involved in raising public awareness – who would speak up and engender a greater sense of this being an important issue," he said.

3. Das bedeutet natürlich nicht, dass die Redaktion des "Guardian" grundsätzlich zur Besinnung gekommen wäre. Aktuell etwa empört sich in dem Blatt die Feministin Jessica Valenti darüber, dass von der US-Gesundheitsministerin Betsy DeVos auch "gefährliche Antifeministen" und "rape deniers" zum Gespräch eingeladen wurden. Gemeint sind mit dieser Analogiebildung zu "Holocaust deniers" Männerrechtler, die für die Rechte von Falschbeschuldigten eintreten.

Auch beim "Clinton Network" CNN ist man empört darüber, dass die Opfer von Falschbeschuldigungen von einer Ministerin ernst genommen werden:

DeVos's Acting Assistant Secretary, Candice E. (...) Jackson's words specifically serve to perpetuate rape culture. She recounted meetings with students whose futures were derailed by accusations, and described listening to a mother talk about her son, who she found "trying to kill himself because his life and his future were gone, and he was forever branded a rapist." Said Jackson: "That's haunting."

You know what else is haunting? Being raped.

Währenddessen veranschaulichen Mitglieder der US-Demokraten noch einmal, warum sie derzeit so krachend bei den Wahlen verlieren:

The Education Department's decision to meet with SAVE — along with the National Coalition for Men Carolinas, a men's rights organization, and Families Advocating for Campus Equality, a nonprofit founded by mothers of sons who were falsely accused of sexual misconduct in college — concerned people who say the groups are hostile to accusers.

"It is disturbing that the Department of Education would place these radical groups on the same level as those working tirelessly to confront the crisis of sexual assault on our campuses," Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat, said in a letter to DeVos on Wednesday, calling the meeting a "slap in the face to the victims of campus sexual assault."

Trotz derartig psychopathischer Reaktionen aus dem feministischen Lager scheint die Ministerin das Problem verstanden zu haben:

After days of controversy surrounding meetings with stakeholders in the campus sexual assault debate, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Thursday that she wanted to help both victims of assault and those who have been falsely accused of rape — a striking departure from the rhetoric of the Obama administration, which has focused primarily on survivors.

DeVos strongly suggested that she was planning to overhaul the way that the government deals with campus sexual assault, calling the current system of enforcing Title IX broken.

"We need to get this right, we need to protect all students, and we need to do this quickly," DeVos told reporters.

(...) DeVos said that the stories of those falsely accused of rape "are not often told," repeatedly mentioning them alongside victims of sexual assault. "I saw a lot of pain today," Devos said of her meetings.

Accused students and their attorneys, who have long insisted the system is failing them, told BuzzFeed News that the fact that DeVos welcomed them to the table was remarkable.

"This is the first time there's an acknowledgment [by the department] that the equation here is more than just victims of sexual misconduct," said Andrew Miltenberg, an attorney who works with the groups invited to the accused students meeting.

(...) "There are elements of [Obama's] Dear Colleague letter that just don't seem to be working," said Jonathon Andrews, a 23-year-old former Hanover College student, who told DeVos on Thursday that he attempted suicide in 2015 after being falsely accused of assault. "For a long time, the victims have not been paid attention to and that's a serious problem. Now we've swung the pendulum so far that's it has become guilty until proven innocent."

Das Ergebnis dieser Gespräche lautet also: Männerrechtler wurden wieder einmal auf breiter Front von den Medien durch den Dreck gezogen, konnten ihre Anliegen aber zu Gehör bringen. Letzteres wäre unter der Präsidentschaft Hillary Clintons niemals möglich gewesen.

4. Paul Nungesser, das Opfer des "Matratzenmädels" Emma Sulkowicz hat sich mit der Universität, wo die mutmaßliche Verleumdung stattfand, auf einen Vergleich geeinigt:

Columbia pledged to reform gender-based discipline policies to ensure "accuser and accused [students], including those like Paul who are found not responsible," are given "respect."

"Paul’s remaining time at Columbia became very difficult for him and not what Columbia would want any of its students to experience," said Columbia in a statement obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. (...)

Columbia praised Nungesser for graduating as a John Jay Scholar, a member of a community that demonstrates "remarkable academic and personal achievements, dynamism, intellectual curiosity, and original thinking." The school also stated that the accused student is attending a prestigious film school and has begun his film-making career.

(...) Sulkowicz released a performance art sex video in June 2015. "Mattress Girl" continued her performance art post-graduation, allowing a man to tie her up and beat her in front of a live audience in May 2017.

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