Mittwoch, Juli 08, 2015

US-Unis: Verträge für einvernehmlichen Sex verteilt

The Affirmative Consent Project, which advocates for "yes means yes" sexual consent policies, has been distributing "consent contracts" to college students across the country.

The contract states in big red letters: "YES! We agree to have SEX!" (emphasis original), and asks participants to take a photo together holding the contract. If a camera can't be found, then the participants would need to fill out the form included on the back of the contract.

(...) Even that probably wouldn't be enough of a defense against an accusation, when all an accuser has to do is say she was too drunk to consent to the photo or the sexual activity. And remember, if the handwriting on the back is noticeably slurred by both parties (meaning the accused was also too drunk to consent) it doesn't matter, only the accuser's word matters.

The contract comes as part of a "Consent Conscious Kit," which also includes a pen (to sign the contract, duh), breath mints and a condom. The kit comes in either a canvas or faux suede bag with the group's logo — the male and female gender symbols combined at the circle.

Alison Berke Morano, who helped found the Project, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that "yes means yes" policies have spread "faster than I've seen other movements."

(...) But the SGVW group goes further, claiming "yes means yes" policies ensure "it's the man's responsibility to 'get a verbal yes.' " Their interpretation of the law — which so far appears to be the accepted interpretation at colleges and universities across the country — is that women can only give consent and men can only obtain consent. Far from bringing the sexes together and knocking down gender walls, this interpretation reinforces persistent stereotypes — that women are never the aggressors and that men always want sex.

In addition, the SGVW group states plainly: "Under the Affirmative Consent Standard, a drunk woman cannot consent to sex, because her judgment is incapacitated by alcohol." (...)

This group's interpretation of "yes means yes" policies perfectly dovetails with what critics are saying about the law's consequences — so much so it could have been a parody. But it is indeed a project of a NOW chapter.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

Dieselbe Entwicklung werden wir auch in Deutschland haben. Die feministischen Social Justice Warriors werden Forderungen nach einem entsprechenden Gesetz mit Leichtigkeit bei den Grünen verankern, und wenige Jahre später wird sie von dort sogar die CDU übernehmen – während SPD und Linke erklären, sie gingen ihnen noch lange nicht weit genug. Und wer diese Entwicklung fragwürdig findet, gilt als frauenfeindlicher Faschist.

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