Montag, Juli 06, 2015

HeforShe im wahren Leben

In New York ist es zu einem Vorfall gekommen, der beispielhaft für die Situation der Geschlechter insgesamt stehen kann:

A homeless Guatemalan immigrant man named Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was both the hero and ultimate victim in this tragic story.

On the morning in question he selflessly jumped to the aid of a woman on 144th Street at 88th Road in Jamaica, Queens. He was saving her from a knife attack. An intervention that resulted in Mr Tale-Yax being stabbed several times in the chest.

After attempting to chase down his assailant, Tale-Yax collapsed in the street from his wounds. CCTV footage then captured over 20 people walk past him without coming to his aid. Some would stare, none it seemed were prepared to help. The woman he had saved also fled the scene and never came forward.

In the wake of the bloodshed, a man came out of a nearby building and coldly took a cellphone picture of Tale-Yax before leaving.

In several instances, pairs of people stopped and stared at him before moving on regardless.

One person even lifted his body, exposing what appeared to be blood on the pavement and then walks away.

Others merely turned their heads toward the body, revealing some curiosity as they hurried along.

A full hour goes by before emergency services arrive and by then it is too late. Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was dead in the very same spot he had collapsed.

Das einzige, was noch fehlte, um die Symbolik komplett zu machen, ist ein Passant, der Tale-Yax zu helfen versuchte und dafür von den Untätigen als Nazi beschimpft wurde.

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