Dienstag, Juli 21, 2015

"Griechenlands Männer leben in Vorhölle"

Broke and beset by the stigma of unemployment, young Greek men are putting off serious relationships and extending their childhood indefinitely (...)

12.3 per cent of the Greek population has shown symptoms of clinical depression. This is obviously tied to the rise of 35 per cent in suicides, in which the most vulnerable group is middle-aged men who were facing financial difficulties. Men under 34, meanwhile, have gone back to living with their parents in a rate of 2 out of 3, a situation definitely adding to their problems.

What I’ve seen, among Greek friends and family, is young men who before the crisis had entered the job market and in many cases were doing really well, leaving their old lives behind after losing employment and social status. In Greece, being unemployed is a social stigma, unlike what many outside think. (It's worth pointing out too that contrary to the popular myth of the "lazy Greek", the OECD stats make it clear that Greeks work "the longest hours in Europe".)

Cutting corners, as in "being smart" might be part of the Greek identity, but a man not making his way in the world is seen as little more than a child, and is treated as such.

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