Donnerstag, Juni 18, 2015

Belinda Brown: "Zerstörerischer Feminismus reißt Männer und Frauen auseinander"

Während Anne Wizorek im deutschen Patriarchat für sexistisches Aufschrei-Getwittere einen Grimme-Preis bekommt, erhält Laura Bates im britischen Patriarchat für ein ähnlich ausgerichtetes "Everyday Sexism Project" die British Empire Medal. Mehr Frauenunterdrückung gab es nie.

Belinda Brown findet dieses Affentheater nur noch lächerlich. Was sie dazu zu sagen hat, lässt sich eins zu eins auf Deutschland übertragen:

Laura Bates sees herself as a champion of equality for women when female inequality must be the biggest contemporary myth and all time lie.

For the benefit of those who have fallen prey to feminist ideology, remember men are more likely to be unemployed, their diseases get less funding, they die earlier, custodial sentencing treats them unfairly, their parental rights are limited, they are more likely to be homeless, commit suicide, and to be disadvantaged in the education system. This list could go on and on.

The one significant female inequality – in the labour market – has been shown to be a reflection of female choice.

If men ever wanted to compete with women for victim status they would certainly have the upper hand.

And this is exactly where Laura Bates has such a useful role to play. In a climate where there is such a dearth of evidence to support the case for female inequality, yet so many women (and even men) have such deeply vested interests in it, a project which provides a limitless supply of ‘evidence’ of female victimhood is literally gold dust.

However the harm she is doing is deeper and more dangerous than the floating of the feminist boat.

(...) Another possibility is that the constant hum of female criticism has now turned into a deafening roar. Men and boys are constantly portrayed as predatory, sexist, their sense of humour is vilified and their behaviour is regarded as unacceptable. Factor in the constant diet we are fed of men as perpetrators of rape, murder and domestic violence. Boys must wonder whether they will ever be able to do anything right.

This must make it painfully difficult for young men and women to build up relations based on honesty, love and trust. Young men instead will look out for easily available sex or the risk free, short term satisfaction which pornography can provide.

Stir into this Laura Bates and her Everyday Sexism Project and the relationships between boys and girls, men and women are set to get much, much worse.

(...) However we are women, and we are powerful - demonstrated by the ongoing capitulation of every single cherished institution to the ravages of feminism. However despite this natural power, and even when we have everything we could absolutely wish for, Laura Bates enables us to own a corner of victimhood all for ourselves.

Victimhood gives us great moral superiority and entitles us to unquestioning sympathy while exempting us from examining any single one of our actions. A victim is utterly devoid of responsibility or blame. This of course leaves us vulnerable as we will carry on engaging in precisely the behaviour which provoked an unacceptable response.

But victimhood is even more dangerous for others than it is for ourselves. It allows us to see our actual or alleged perpetrator as less than human, beyond the pale, and justifies a no holds barred approach to punishment and humiliation as a response. Bates helps to turn alleged victim into actual victimiser and this is where we are now.

If we want to know where the buck stops when a brilliant scientist can be made to cry in public for wearing a t-shirt, or a Nobel Laureate can be made to publically apologise and lose his job, look no further. If we want to know why it is alright to despise the homeless, deprive men of access to their children or treat young boys as the deviants of the education system, we are on the right track. While we should all interrogate our words and actions, and think about what we do, and while we all carry responsibility for our action or our inaction, Laura Bates and her Everyday Sexism Project must carry a good dose of blame.

Und dann wiederum gibt es Leute, die bass erstaunt tun, wenn Männer auf derart verheerende Entwicklungen irgendwann aggressiv reagieren. Der antifeministische Pöbel eben, Männer halt, alle hasserfüllt, weiß man ja. So ganz ohne jeglichen nachvollziehbaren Grund.

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