Dienstag, Mai 05, 2015

Neuseeland: "Zu wenig kluge Männer zum Heiraten übrig"

In Neuseeland gibt es gerade eine Debatte, die es vor einigen Jahren schon in Deutschland gab und die garantiert auch hier wieder aufflammen wird, da sich an den Verhältnissen nichts geändert hat:

What, if anything, can be done about an entirely new social problem discussed in our story today: A shortage of men that well-educated women want to marry?

(...) They are asking the agencies to find them men of similar education and there are too few. Among people in the 30-34 age bracket with a university degree or similar qualification, there are 155 women for every 100 men. That would be less of a problem if the women were more willing to "marry down". The overall ratio is 91 men to 100 women in the population aged 25-49.

But women are perhaps less inclined than men to marry someone not as well educated, which may add to the shortage of partners for intelligent women.

(...) The solution is not, as one dating agency suggests, for women to lower their expectations. They should, of course, keep an open mind when they meet someone but it would be idle to pretend that these things are of no account. The solution, as the researchers suggest, is to raise the numbers of men in higher education.

The gender imbalance among 30-somethings with degrees is exactly the same problem that began to be noticed in secondary schools 15-20 years ago. A number of teachers noticed boys were being overshadowed by girls in class work and results. The problem was denied by educational research at that time, perhaps because the observers put it down to new modes of teaching and group-learning that suited girls more than teenage boys.

Nothing has been done about it and it should be no surprise that women now comprise 60 per cent of tertiary graduates.

Vielleicht wird die Diskriminierung von Jungen im Schulunterricht ja dann endlich engagiert angegangen, wenn die Einsamkeit der gut ausgebildeten Frauen ein zu gravierendes gesellschaftliches Problem geworden ist. Andererseits lautet die oberste Maxime in unseren Medien immer noch: An jedem Problem zwischen den Geschlechtern sind die Männer schuld - sämtlicher Studien, denen zufolge Jungen für dieselbe Leistung schlechtere Noten erhalten, und sämtlicher fehlender Förderung zum Trotz. So heißt es auch als Fazit des neuseeländischen Artikels:

The failure of men to foot it with them educationally in equal numbers is no reason to change the education system or promote men undeservedly. The shortage of partners for highly educated women is a problem only men can solve. Get your credentials, boys.

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