Sonntag, Mai 03, 2015

Erstes GamerGate-Treffen trotzt Bombendrohungen

Die männerpolitische Website A Voice for Men berichtet:

The online consumer revolt known as GamerGate has officially invaded meatspace–and yes, this is of interest to Men’s Human Rights Activists, even those who don’t much like video games (although an awful lot of us do).

Last night, at restaurant Local 16 in Washington DC over 300 members of the online movement gathered together to discuss their love of games and resist the authoritarian hydra of radical SJWism hellbent on controlling every square inch of popular culture. Much to the detriment of the mainstream narrative put forth by outlets such as the USA’s ABC, The Washington Post, and other outlets, photographic evidence shows that excluding women and minorities was not on the menu.

(...) The event was organized by GamerGate luminaries Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina “Based Mom” Hoff Summers as a way for GamerGaters to meet, interact, network, and enjoy one another’s company. In case you’re new to GamerGate, the movement kicked off last summer as an investigation into corruption in games journalism and eventually exposed the radical feminist agenda of turning video game culture into a node for disseminating ideological feminist propaganda. The event went off without a hitch, despite repeated calls,Tweets, and emails made to the host venue by SJW’s demanding that the event be shut down, culminating in Arthur Chu’s final message, “It’s ending tonight.” Whatever Chu meant by that statement, he looked pretty stupid when after midnight an anonymous bomb threat brought in the police.

I highly doubt that Arthur Chu issued the threat and I’m inclined to believe it was the work of a third party troll, just as I’m inclined to think that the person who made the death threat against Anita Sarkeesian at Utah State was the work of a third party troll. Naturally we can’t expect the establishment media to report this threat, but what we can do is observe a familiar pattern, based on the experiences of CAFE in Toronto, last year’s first annual International Conference on Men’s Issues at St. Clair Shores, Zen Men’s Male Students In Peril conference last November, and the HoneyBadger Brigade’s recent travails at the Calgary Expo–the first people to actually try to have a pro-Gamergate presence in the real world were Men’s Rights Activists who came to say nothing except that gamers are awesome just the way they are and censorship is bad.

First they’ll slander our leaders and try to prevent venues from hosting our events. If that fails, they’ll either show up themselves to pull fire alarms or block entrances, or we’ll get anonymous death threats. While thus far no threats have lead to serious violence, it raises our security fees and forces us to take extraordinary measures to ensure that events go forward without disruption. Meanwhile the establishment media carries on if as we are the ones doing the threatening.

Auch die Website Niche Gamer berichtet über die Bombendrohung und das Schweigen der Leitmedien:

Despite the recent timing of the events, it’s strange that mainstream gaming and tech websites aren’t quick to report on the events, when they were so quick to report on similar false-threats made to feminist critics. "It’ll be very interesting to see what coverage an actual bomb threat made to police in an effort to disrupt the #GGinDC gathering will get," wrote Stardock CEO, founder and president Brad Wardell.

"Wonder how many news outlets will cover the bomb threats against #GGinDC. not holding my breath." wrote Chloe Price, a pro-#GamerGate and #NotYourShield Twitter user. "Someone made a bomb threat against #GamerGate meetup in DC last night, prompting evac. Should dispel notion that other side is 100% saintly," said Robby Soave, staff editor at

Auch deutsche Männerrechtler leben seit Jahren damit, dass die Leitmedien Gewaltdrohungen aus dem feministischen Lager (etwa gegen Professor Amendt) konsequent verschweigen.

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