Dienstag, März 31, 2015

Schwarzer Männerrechtler: 5 Gründe, weshalb Feministinnen über Vergewaltigungen im Knast schweigen

We’ve heard a lot about rape culture on college campuses and seen quite a few highly determined domestic violence and sexual assault advocates fighting on behalf of those who are affected. But it’s hard not to conclude that much of their dismay toward the culture of rape and violence possesses a degree of gender bias that should concern us all.

One thing that is consistently off the radar screen is the issue of prison rape. Prison rape is arguably the scariest kind of rape there is because it’s often among the most brutal and traumatizing experiences one can imagine. Someone very close to me went to prison at a very early age, and after enduring years of prison abuse, he was mentally disturbed for the remainder of his years.

So, here are a few things to consider when thinking about the quiet atrocity of prison rape, why feminists tend to ignore it and why it might be the worst kind of rape there is:

1) It’s typically ignored by sexual assault advocates because most of the victims are black males. Many feminists, unfortunately, have been trained to believe that black men are enemies of the state. Millions of Americans see us as violent neanderthals with no respect for women. This imagery is not detached from what white women have thought about us for the last 400 years. That’s why it was so easy for a black man to be lynched for even looking at a white woman too hard.


Sexual assault is a horrible crime, we know this. But for some reason, the horrors of the crime are not as readily acknowledged when the victim happens to NOT be a white woman. A recent study even showed that whites believe that black people feel less pain than they do, meaning that we can endure the same tragedy as a white person and white Americans think it’s no big deal.

In the social/incarceration hierarchy, white women lie at the top of the pile. Judges are most lenient on them, and they are often protected. Black males fester at the bottom: Studies show that we receive far longer sentences than white females, even when we commit the same crimes. This disparate treatment in the criminal justice system translates into equally disparate reactions to situations in which someone has done us harm.

The bottom line is that if you’re not trying to stop prison rape, then you’re probably not serious about rape. Black men are the most incarcerated group of people on the entire planet. If white women were going to prison as much as black men and being assaulted at the same rates, this “non-existent” issue would be translated into a national crisis.

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Der Männerbewegung eine radikal rechte Haltung zu unterstellen und über den feministischen Rassismus zu schweigen, wie es Rolf Pohl, Hinrich Rosenbrock, Andreas Kemper und Thomas Gesterkamp in unverantwortlicher Weise tun, stellt die Wirklichkeit auf den Kopf. Ich hoffe auf noch sehr viel mehr Stimmen von diskriminierten Männern aus den verschiedensten Teilen der Welt, damit diesen Männern geholfen werden kann, der Kampf gegen Männerdiskriminierung noch stärker als globales Problem erkannt wird und die andauernde Demagogie aus der feministischen Ecke endlich leiser wird.

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