Dienstag, Februar 10, 2015

Feministinnen in der Krise, nachdem männlicher Unterstützer plötzlich eigene Meinung äußert

Feminism went into global meltdown today after one of its male supporters defied feminist logic and revealed he was a man with a mind of his own.

Tanveer Ahmed, a psychiatrist and comedian, is one of 2,000 male celebrities and community leaders who have been selected by the feminist White Ribbon campaign to tackle violence against women in Australia.

Now operating in 70 countries worldwide, the White Ribbon movement is committed to "the advancement of gender equality and the dismantling of patriarchy" — and they would have got away with if it wasn’t for that pesky psychiatrist!

Ahmed has been involved in the White Ribbon campaign since at least 2008 and appears to have been obeying the White Ribbon oath to never "remain silent about violence against women and girls" ever since.

In November 2014, he told guests at the Blacktown White Ribbon Day meeting in Sydney that it takes courage to speak out, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

But then Ahmed got a little too courageous for feminism’s liking and dared to tell the world what he really thinks about the feminist approach to tackling violence in an article for The Australian newspaper entitled "men forgotten in violence debates" — whoops!

Did nobody tell Ahmed that when the feminists behind the White Ribbon campaign asked him to take an oath to "never remain silent about violence against women and girls" that what they actually meant was they wanted him to ALWAYS remain silent about any views he has that might contradict mainstream feminist thinking—and that rule number one is that in the name of gender equality you never, Never, NEVER ask "what about the men?"

Obviously not!

Feminism was so mightily displeased with Ahmed that it supplied spokeswoman, Clementine Ford, with a pram full of toys to chuck everywhere in one of her self-styled "man-hating screeds" for Daily Life , a news, opinion and lifestyle website for women.

Ford’s primary complaint about Ahmed was that he didn’t present himself like an "aggressively delusional … men’s rights activists" but used one of the most devious and oppressive tools of the patriarchy, "reason" — what a sneaky, privileged bastard! If only he sounded like one of those evil anti-feminists that the charitable and peace loving White Ribbon campaign describes as "nasty woman-haters", it would have so much easier to discredit him.

Hier geht es weiter.

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