Dienstag, Februar 24, 2015

Britische Richterin zu geschiedener Frau: Suchen Sie sich endlich einen Job und leben Sie nicht länger von Ihrem Mann!

A judge has told the ex-wife of a millionaire racehorse surgeon to get a job and stop thinking she has the right to be "supported for life" at his expense.

Lord Justice Pitchford said divorcees with children aged over seven should work for a living in a decision which signals an end to leisurely living for ex partners of wealthy spouses.

(...) Judge Lynn Roberts last year agreed that there was no good reason why Mrs Wright had not done a stroke of paid work in the six years since the divorce.

The judge criticised her for being "evasive on the subject of her own earning capacity".

"The world of work has innumerable possibilities these day ... vast numbers of women with children just get on with it and Mrs Wright should have done as well," the judge said.

(...) "The wife had done nothing since 2008 to look for work, retrain or to prepare herself for work.

"Judge Roberts did not accept any of the explanations put forward by the wife for her inactivity and ruled that it was important that she obey the order.

"She had harsh words for the wife for her complete failure to confront her obligation to contribute financially. She found the wife exaggerated her income needs.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel. Während männliche Richter bei Unterhaltsprozessen vor Mitleid und Ritterlichkeit gegenüber Frauen zerfließen, solange ein anderer Mann die Zeche dafür zu zahlen hat, haben wir hier anscheinend eine Richterin, die dieser Ich-armes-Opfer-Rhetorik keine Chance gibt.

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