Samstag, Januar 31, 2015

Sarah Vine: Wie sollen Männer jetzt noch ihre Unschuld beweisen?

In der Daily Mail hinterfragt Sarah Vine das neue britische Gesetz zu Vergewaltigungen. Ein Auszug:

But, more worryingly, won’t men in rape cases automatically be presumed guilty until they can prove they have obtained consent? However appalling a crime rape may be, this cannot be right.

What makes this still more shocking is that it seems to be part of a political attempt to push up rape conviction rates and meet targets.

Because although reports of rape have risen sharply in recent years, actual convictions are lagging behind. And that doesn’t suit the so-called ‘vagenda’: the all-men-are-rapists brigade, top feministas like Harriet Harman and the femi-fascist Twitter mob who, increasingly, seem to hold sway in public policy.

Man darf gespannt sein, wie sehr der "femifaschistische Twitter-Mob" auch die deutsche Gesetzgebung beeinflussen wird.

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