Mittwoch, Januar 28, 2015

"Ja, ich bin ein Kerl. Ja, ich wurde vergewaltigt"

I went to a party with a group of friends, my girlfriend decided to stay in for that night. Throughout the night, I noticed that I was probably drinking more than everyone else in the group. It was a fun party, good music, good people, a good time. Unfortunately, I ended up drinking a lot and didn’t feel too great after a couple of hours. We all decided to head back to the dorms, and my friends had to help me walk to a cab.

One of the friends helping me was a girl who I was not attracted to at all, but who was a very good friend of one of the girls in our group. During the drive back, I could feel her hand getting uncomfortably close to my crotch, I knocked it away and thought that was the end of that.

At my dorm, two of my friends and the other girl helped me into my bed, they took off my jeans and my shirt and left. As I was laying there in the dark, about 2 minutes later, I heard the door open. I figured it was my roommate, but was surprised when the light turned on and it was the other girl.

I wasn’t a very big guy at the time, 5’6 and maybe 120 pounds. She was substantially heavier than I was, and jumped on top of me. I told her "no", and she ripped the cover off of me and proceeded to rub my penis with her hand. I kept saying no and tried pushing her away, but she forced me to lay down on the bed.

As I was pushed back into a laying position, I could feel her opening the hole of my boxers, and take out my penis. I cried as she performed oral sex on me.

After 5 to 10 minutes of me constantly saying no, and her realizing that I was not going to get an erection, she got off of me, called me a “faggot”, then left.

I had no idea what to do, I was drunk, I was angry, I was scared, so I decided to just sleep. After just a few hours I woke up, still angry, scared, and hungover. I frantically tried calling my girlfriend who was not answering at 6 in the morning. I called the friend who was friends with my rapist and told her what happened and her exact words were "Oh..cheating isn’t cool, I won’t tell your girlfriend but it’s a scummy thing to do."

I was flabbergasted, my friend didn’t believe that I got raped. My girlfriend finally called back, and when I explained to her the situation she started crying, demanding to know why I cheated on her, how I could do that to her, we were in love! I kept telling her I didn’t want it and that I was too drunk to stop a much bigger person than me. She didn’t believe it, and broke up with me on the spot.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for 2 years, she was amazing, and I decided I wasn’t going to lose her. I would prove that I was raped, but had no idea where to start. I told my best friend from my hometown what happened and he suggested I tell the police. I figured the police would laugh me right out of the police station.

Hier erfährt man, wie es weiterging.

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