Donnerstag, Dezember 25, 2014

Weihnachten aus feministischer Perspektive: Gott vergewaltigte Maria

Salon and Alternet seem to exist only to provide click-bait for kooks. Alternet certainly succeeded with their Sunday article entitled, "Why rape is so intrinsic to religion" which was also cross-posted on partner site Salon. In the article by Valerie Tarico, she tries to argue that the virgin birth of Jesus Christ was God raping Mary, similar to Greek and Hindu tales of gods raping women. "It’s a common theme in the history of religion, and it’s more than a little rapey," Tarico claims.

"Rapey" is not exactly an adjective most would use to describe the Christmas story, but never underestimate what an Alternet writer can come up with! Tarico even manages to tie it all in to "the shocking prevalence" of rape "on college campuses and in society at large."

Hier geht es weiter.

Einen anderen feministischen Blick auf Weihnachten zeigt heute das männerpolitische Blog Alles Evolution.

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