Mittwoch, November 05, 2014

Time: "Auch Männer von Online-Belästigung betroffen"

Im US-Nachrichtenmagazin "Time" weist die männerfreundliche Feministin Cathy Young auf die Studien hin, denen zufolge Männer ähnlich stark wenn nicht stärker von Online-Attacken betroffen sind als Frauen (Genderama berichtete), und argumentiert, dass die auch bei diesem Thema einseitige Aufmerksamkeit zuletzt auch den Frauen selbst schade:

Is Internet abuse toward women more likely to be gender-based? To some extent, that too depends on definitions. A taunt toward a woman that refers to anatomy or sexuality is presumed to be sexist, while a taunt toward a man that refers to undersized genitalia or virginity is treated as a mere personal slur. An evidence-free social media charge of being a sexual predator is unlikely to be seen as a "gendered" attack, even though such charges are almost certainly directed overwhelmingly at men and can be quite devastating.

Partly, the double standard is rooted in the perception of women as a disadvantaged class. But also at work is a much more traditional, almost Victorian paternalism that sees women’s sensitivities as more fragile and worthy of protection.

While the Internet has brought us many wonderful things, it has also facilitated new forms of bullying, including some that are not only obnoxious but truly damaging, from cyberstalking to slander. It is imperative to find ways to create more recourse for victims of such abuse without infringing on protected speech. But such an effort should rely on facts rather than hype. The women-in-jeopardy narrative not only encourages women to be more fearful but promotes gender polarization, which is the way to a more hostile climate for everyone.

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