Freitag, November 21, 2014

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "Der Feminismus beschäftigt sich nur noch mit trivialem Scheißdreck"

Die bekannte Islamkritikerin Ayaan Hirsi Ali befand in einer Rede, die sie vor wenigen Tagen hielt, dass der Feminismus unserer Tage seine Machtposition für unwichtigen Nonsens statt für wichtige Auseinandersetzungen nutze:

"What we are now doing with the victory, and I agree with you if you condemn that and I condemn whole-heartedly the trivial bullshit it is to go after a man who makes a scientific breakthrough and all that we as women — organized women — do is to fret about his shirt?" Hirsi Ali said, referring to the controversy generated by the shirt featuring cartoons of scantily-clad women worn by the scientist who helped land a robot on a comet. "We must reclaim and retake feminism from our fellow idiotic women."

But, Hirsi Ali said, we should not throw away feminism, because that would be like throwing away the civil rights movement. Instead, feminism needs to fight the real war on women: Radical Islam and other parts of the world where women don’t even have the right to an education or to leave their home without a male guardian.

Der Washington Examiner berichtet.

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