Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2014

Independent: "Universitäten – wo man Ihrem Sohn beibringt, niemanden zu vergewaltigen"

Die Rape-Culture-Hysterie hat nach amerikanischen jetzt auch britische Universitäten voll im Griff. Ian O'Doherty kommentiert in der Tageszeitung "The Independent":

Picture the scene. It's your darling daughter's first week in college. She has the usual joys of Fresher's Week to look forward to. She has to find her way around the new environment. She's about to start her journey into adulthood.

But first she has to attend a compulsory course.

This course has been designed by the male student union President who is demanding that all new female students attend a mandatory workshop that will teach them that they shouldn't get so drunk that they have reckless sex. We all know what girls are like when they go to college, don't we?

Give them a few beers in the student union bar and they're anybody's. Nobody has the fortitude to say it out loud, which is why the men's student union decided to demand that all women on campus need to be told how to behave.

Of course, the above statement is false. For starters, there are few, if any, 'men's student unions', unlike their organised, mobilised and vocal female counterparts.

Also, only a Neanderthal would argue that women should be compelled to attend patronising lectures on the dangers of binge drinking.

What if the girl is a Pioneer, a Muslim, or simply doesn't like the taste of alcohol?

More likely, what if she considers herself a smart woman who knows how to handle her booze and resents being forced to attend something that doesn't apply to her?

Such a patronising and demeaning scenario would never happen in any respectable college.

Nor should it.

Yet such august institutions as Oxford and Cambridge, alongside 20 other colleges in the UK have now introduced compulsory 'sexual consent workshops' which will teach men that no means no.

This is apparently necessary as, according to one of the organisers: "A lot of people come to university with a very, very basic sex education which stems from sheer biology."

Ah yes, biology. We can't be having that, eh?

This latest daft plan from the halls of academia has 50 shades of stupid written all over it, but will still go ahead because nobody wants to say that such a move is outrageous, absurd, counter-productive and quite probably illegal.

In fact, it would be nice to see a male student refuse to take part on the grounds that he is being discriminated against on the grounds of his gender.

And that's wrong. Or maybe it's only wrong when it's used against a woman.

The logic which drives this forced indoctrination is one which starts from the secret belief that all men are potential rapists, even the 'good' ones. It's a little piece of 1970s feminism that's as offensive as it is shrill and stupid.

Hier geht es weiter.

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