Mittwoch, Oktober 29, 2014

Huffington Post: "Warum der Feminismus enden muss – Es wird Zeit, sich für Gleichberechtigung einzusetzen"

Ein weiterer junger Mann – Chris Good, unter anderem Blogger und Musiker – hat die Faxen dicke. Und beginnt deshalb eine Serie in der Huffington Post, in der er erklärt, warum es für den Feminismus an der Zeit ist, abzutreten. Das ist sein Einstieg:

Tackling feminism in today's world is - I'm told - rather a stupid idea. It's not that I'd be labelled a chauvinist pig and accused of wanting to keep women chained to chores and childcare, which I don't. It's not even that tackling a global movement as one person (which is how it feels, despite a mass of men and women attempting the same) is like standing against a tsunami wearing speedos and a snorkel; I'm aware that every word will be pulled apart, angered messages will fill my inbox and I'll be accused of ignorance and sexism. I've already, during initial research, acquired my first troll on my new Twitter account; I'm a "simple manbaby" apparently. The reason it's stupid for me to speak against feminism is simply because I have a penis ... and the feminist does not accept a boy negatively commenting on the relevance or alleged prejudice of the feminist movement.

I know this. Had I, as a male, pitched articles in support of feminism, perhaps I'd have been commissioned alongside the published pro-feminism male writers. But time and again, as I approached relevant sections of publications that boast a feminist voice, I was informed by the female, feminist editors that my views were 'not suitable'. I know that's like a satanist asking to put an advert for a willing, virginal sacrifice on the local church's noticeboard, but that's exactly the problem. If the media belongs to feminism like the noticeboard belongs to the church, where can you make another argument? I won't say who the guardian of feminism is, because I'd very much like to write articles for them and don't want to be blacklisted for publicly calling them sexist. But I feel I'm correct in seeing that bias.

Also, polite conversation about feminism, with feminists, has invariably turned into my being ranted at. Apparently, the very fact I'm questioning feminism is because I'm a typical white male with all the privilege, no understanding of what it's like to be the victim in a sexist society and, therefore, have no right to question or challenge it. Even Emma Watson's speech at the UN saw feminists react in comment threads, saying that men should not have a say, despite her invitation.

Hier geht es weiter. Ist es wirklich zu früh, "Winds of Change" vor sich hinzupfeifen?


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