Mittwoch, Oktober 29, 2014

Außenministerin Australiens empfindet es als "heutzutage nicht hilfreich", als Feministin bezeichnet zu werden

Julie Bishop, the most senior woman in the Abbott government, has refused to describe herself as a feminist, saying she is a politician first and foremost.

When explicitly asked: "Do you describe yourself as a feminist?" by a journalist, the foreign minister replied: "[Feminist] is not a term that I find particularly useful these days. I recognise the role it has played. I certainly recognise the women’s movement and the barriers they faced and the challenges they had to overcome."

(...) Julie Bishop denied Australia’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, was the target of sexism and misogyny.

"I recognise that there was an extraordinary outpouring of goodwill towards Julia Gillard as our first female prime minister. But then, as should be the case, she was judged on her competence. And that’s where she was found wanting. She then turned herself into a victim and portrayed herself as a victim. That was her choice. But as far as I’m concerned she was being judged on her competence, her honesty, her performance as prime minister."

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