Sonntag, August 24, 2014

Feministische Professorin nach Attacke auf Studentinnen zu Anger-Management-Sitzungen verurteilt (Video)

Ehrlich, ich erfinde solche Meldungen nicht:

Mireille Miller-Young, a professor of feminist studies at the University of California Santa Barbara, has been sentenced for attacking pro-life students and stealing a large sign they made for a peaceful protest on campus.

After Miller-Young and three students grabbed the sign, two pro-lifers, Joan and Thrin Short, turned on their cellphone camera and followed the group while calling the police to report the sign stolen.

In a video posted on YouTube (Warning: The video contains strong language), Miller-Young and her students can be seen smiling and waving at the camera as they calmly walk away with the stolen sign, occasionally making comments like "try and stop us" while laughing.

At one point, Miller-Young tells the girls: "I may be a thief, but you’re a terrorist."

After following Miller-Young through several buildings, the Short sisters try to get into an elevator with them. They’re told to "stay out" and the door is blocked by Miller-Young, who then shoves Thrin and begins to kick her foot out of the way of the door. Miller-Young then pushes Thrin a second time, leaving scratches.

Police later found the sign, destroyed.

A professor at the university defended Miller-Young, blaming her pregnancy and the "cultural legacy of slavery" for her assault on the pro-lifers.

Miller-Young released an apology for part of her actions – namely the theft, but said nothing of the physical attack.

Miller-Young was convicted of battery, grand theft and vandalism in July, and was sentenced on Saturday to 10 hours of anger management, 108 hours of community service, three years probation and fined nearly $500, according to Christian News Wire.

Hier findet man den von mir zitierten Artikel Ashe Schows im Original.

Dass man "als Feminist sich selbst per se alles zugestehen kann, solange es gegen die richtige Gruppe geht" ist heute auch Thema bei Alles Evolution.

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