Sonntag, Juli 27, 2014

Sieben Wege wie Schwarze Soziologie zeigt, was mit dem Feminismus nicht stimmt

Janet Bloomfield erklärt heute, warum es kein Zufall ist, wenn gerade Antirassisten auch Feminismuskritiker werden:

I’ve been a long time reader of prominent MHRM website A Voice for Men but even with over 4000 articles and bulletins I still find new stuff that makes my brain light up. Paul Elam reviewed a book by Howard University professor Joyce Ladner called The Death of White Sociology in which she describes a shift from white to black perspectives in sociology. What is really interesting is how in exploring the racist assumptions about black people, she creates a roadmap to understand how feminism demonizes men and treats them as a second, unworthy class of beings, unless certain conditions are met. Here are seven ways that black sociology shows what is wrong with feminism.

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