Montag, Juli 28, 2014

Menschenrechtskommission verurteilt reine Frauenlisten für Top-Jobs als Diskriminierung

Wenn statt Frauen Männer diskriminiert werden – etwa durch die Frauenquote – gilt das als "positive Diskriminierung" und wird von den Machthabern in Politik und Medien begrüßt statt beanstandet. In Großbritannien jedoch hat es der Politiker Vince Cable jetzt etwas weit getrieben:

Vince Cable's attempt to use positive discrimination to get more women into the boardrooms of major companies has been thwarted by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which has ruled out the use of all-female shortlists.

The business secretary had asked the equalities body to advise him on the legality of excluding men when trying to fill top City jobs as part of an effort to improve the gender balance in boardrooms.

Laura Carstensen, an EHRC commissioner, has issued new guidance which makes clear that using women-only shortlists is unlawful under equality law.

"It constitutes unlawful sex discrimination to select a person for a role because of their gender. The law does not permit positive discrimination when making an appointment or a promotion," the guidance said.

"However, the law provides scope for companies to address any disadvantage or disproportionately low participation on boards by enabling or encouraging applications from a particular gender, provided selection is made on merit."

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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