Mittwoch, Juni 25, 2014

Neue Studie, bekannte Ergebnisse: Frauen in Beziehungen gewalttätiger als Männer

A new study into domestic violence is claiming to prove that in relationships women are more likely to be physically and verbally abusive than men. The University of Cumbria asked 1,000 people of both genders their experiences with domestic violence using a scale of aggression that ranged from simple verbal abuse to more aggressive physical violence.

The findings came out in favor of showing that women are “significantly” more likely to be the aggressive partner. The women were also more likely to use controlling behavior such as banning their partner from seeing certain people, including friends and family.

A lecturer in applied psychology Elizabeth Bates conducted the study and said about the findings: “This study found that women demonstrated a desire to control their partners and were more likely to use physical aggression than men. This suggests that intimate partner violence may not be motivated by patriarchal values and needs to be studied within the context of other forms of aggression, which has potential implications for interventions."

Hier geht es weiter. Entsprechende Studien gibt es schon zuhauf; manche zeigen Männer, manche Frauen als etwas gewalttätiger als das andere Geschlecht. In der Gesamtsicht kann man von einer annähernden Gleichverteilung sprechen, statt ein Wettrennen zu unternehmen, wer nun ganz exakt schlimmer dran ist.

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