Montag, Juni 16, 2014

"Feminismus ist direkt verantwortlich für den Aufstieg der Männerrechtler", eine Online-Plattform für verschiedene studentische Medienformate an der Universität Florida, beschäftigt sich in einem aktuellen Artikel mit den Hintergründen für das Anwachsen von Männerrechtler-Gruppen an nordamerikanischen Hochschulen:

The recent rise of men’s right’s activist groups is due to two primary reasons. 1) Men are responding to some of the double standards and biases introduced in some feminist philosophy. 2) Men have realized the need to increase advocacy and awareness of issues primarily affecting the male gender just as feminism has done the same for the female gender.

Unfortunately, the rise of men’s advocacy groups has been met with an onslaught of bashing, shaming and name-calling from feminist groups. Accusing men’s rights organizations as anti-equality, sexist, misogynist organizations that seek to devalue and discredit the feminist movement in order to maintain the patriarchy. This couldn’t be further from the actual aims and goals of men’s rights groups. On both sides, knee jerk reactionaries and radicals have taken combative stances that have devolved most conversations between men’s rights and feminist groups into simple-minded, irrational and illogical debates diluting into name-calling that don’t get any real talking done.

Some segments of feminism and feminist philosophy have taken an unfair and one-sided approach against men’s rights groups. This is completely counterintuitive to the actual conversations that should be taking place because it marginalizes these men’s groups which is inherently hypocritical and it is ironic that a self-proclaimed feminist would act in such a manner. It only takes a small presence of mind to realize that by marginalizing and side-lining men’s rights groups, one is working against equality rather than for it and as such these people are fighting against their own cause. Men must be included as much women in the conversation for equality.

Hier geht es weiter. Die Kommentare unter dem Artikel sind durchgehend zustimmend.


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