Montag, Juni 23, 2014

Als Vergewaltiger gebrandmarkt – Wie ein Oxford-Student einen Alptraum durchlebte

Auch in der britischen "rape culture" geht es zur Sache, sobald einem Studenten Vergewaltigung vorgeworfen wird. Die Daily Mail berichtet über einen aktuellen Fall:

It was the instant the police officer stretched out his hand and seized the belt from Ben Sullivan’s jeans, apologetically telling him he wasn’t allowed to wear it, that the reality of just what was unfolding began to register.

Moments before, groggy and disorientated, the 21-year-old Oxford student had been woken by a rap on his bedroom door. Expecting to find one of his flatmates on the threshold, he yelled for them to come in. Instead, filling the doorway were two uniformed officers and a plain-clothed detective from Thames Valley Police.

‘It was surreal, scary and a bit stunning,’ Ben says, reliving that moment on May 7. ‘I recall glimpsing the clock and noting the time – I don’t know why. It was 6.50am.’

Calmly, the officers told him he was being arrested. An allegation of rape and one of attempted rape had been made against him, and he was being taken to Oxford’s Abingdon Road station to be formally questioned.

It was as Ben, President of the Oxford Union, the university’s 191-year-old debating society, hastily pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweater that one officer told him he couldn’t wear the belt. ‘A suicide risk,’ Ben explains with a wry smile. ‘It seemed like something from a cop show, a television drama. But it was scary. It was happening. It was real.

‘I had a total sense of disbelief and that pit-of-the-stomach anxiety when you can’t believe what is going on.’

Hier geht es weiter. Auch der Telegraph berichtet über die "Hexenjagd" auf Ben Sullivan und spricht von einem "Rechtssystem, das Männer hasst".

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