Dienstag, April 08, 2014

Montreal: Kundgebung für männliche Opfer sexueller Gewalt

It looked like “printemps d’érable” time again on Sunday as a group of seven scarlet-clad percussionists stood before a banner on the steps of the Montreal courthouse, drumming up enthusiasm for a march in support of male victims of sexual violence.

Fewer men than women are victims of rape: According to recent Quebec government statistics, chances are that one of three women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime, as compared to one in six men.

Still, this remains a disturbing number, especially when one considers how many of these crimes occurred when the victim was a minor.

(...) Evans Bédard, the coordinator for SHASE said his organization, which is based in Sherbrooke, is one of only two of its kind in the province. "For men who need services, they’re almost non-existent elsewhere in Quebec," he said.

Open discussion of male victims of sexual violence remains taboo, he said. "Our main reason that we are here today is to denounce the ignorance about this problem."

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