Donnerstag, April 03, 2014

Die Löhne der Frauen steigen – also warum werden Familien immer ärmer?

Another major factor holding back families financially in the bottom 40 percent are declines in men’s income. Consistent with Rosin’s thesis, which argues that many men in the United States are seeing their economic fortunes erode, the graph below indicates that men’s personal income has fallen across most groups, but particularly among working-class and poor men. So, one more reason that family income has declined for poor and working-class families is that husbands and boyfriends have less dough to put on the table than they once did. This is particularly important because, even today, as the Pew report notes, men’s wage rates in couple-headed families are almost "twice as important as those of their female partners for boosting family income."

Declines in men’s income for this group also help explain why working-class and poor mothers are not getting and staying married as much as their upscale peers. Because they tend to pair off with men who are similarly situated economically as they are, working-class and poor women are less likely to see the men in their lives as marriageable or worth sticking with. Indeed, the research tells us that men’s income remains a strong predictor of marrying and steering clear of divorce court. So, men’s money still matters when it comes to forming and sustaining today’s marriages and, unfortunately, the eroding economic standing of lower-income men means that they are less likely to be deemed worthy of marriage.

Das Magazin The Atlantic berichtet. Normalerweise sollten die verarmten Männer eine zentrale Aufgabe für linke Politik darstellen. Dort allerdings beschäftigt man sich lieber damit, bereits gutverdienenden Frauen qua Geschlecht zu einer Führungsposition zu verhelfen.

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