Samstag, April 26, 2014

Anklage: Mittelstufen-Lehrerin gibt Schüler Lap Dance vor der Klasse

Ich kann nicht über jede einzelne Lehrerin berichten, die sich ihren Schülern sexuell genähert haben soll, aber manche Fälle sind schon arg bizarr.

The student told investigators Smith sat down in his lap, moved back and forth and touched him all over his body. Toward the end of the dance, according to the documents, the boy said Smith got on her knees and placed her head between his legs.

The boy also told investigators, according to the documents, Smith stood him up from the chair and danced while her arms wrapped around him. He said, the documents state, she told him, "I love you baby, happy birthday."

Der Houston Chronicle berichtet.

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