Montag, März 24, 2014

Ruanda: Senat wegen männlicher Sex-Arbeiter besorgt

Senators have castigated women who lure young men into commercial sex. The concerns were raised on Tuesday as the Minister for Justice, Johnston Busingye, presented the state of sexual violence against women and girls in the country to the Senate.

Lawmakers pointed out that the victims of gender abuse are not only girls and women but also young men. Although there are no statistics to show the magnitude of the problem, the young men involved in this practice are locally known as 'Abapfubuzi'.

During Tuesday's session, senators seemed to have some knowledge of their existence, how they operate and their locations. "We need to boldly tackle cases of sexual violence. We are not only dealing with issues affecting girls and women, we have a bigger problem of 'Abapfubuzi," Senate vice-president Jeanne d'Arc Gakuba said.

She added; "These young men and boys who reportedly hang around Rubangura building in the city centre are usually picked up by well-off and elite women who are very much aware that what they are doing is illegal."

Prof. Chrysologue Karangwa suggested that a study be carried out to ascertain how serious the issue of Abapfubuzi is. "These boys are lured into the practice by rich women who are either divorced or widowed," said Senator Karangwa.

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