Donnerstag, März 13, 2014

Mädchen foltern autistischen Jungen und zwingen ihn zu Sex mit Haustier

"Wir müssen unseren Töchtern beibringen, Jungen nicht zu vergewaltigen und zu quälen", kommentierte die liberale Feministin Cathy Young die folgende Meldung ironisch auf Twitter – denn genau solche Sprüche würden radikale Feministinnen reißen, wenn in diesem Fall das Opfer weiblich und die Täter männlich gewesen wären:

Two Maryland teenagers tortured a 16-year-old autistic boy with a knife, forced him to engage in a sex act "beyond comprehension" and even filmed the cruel deeds for a still undetermined reason, police allege.

Lauren Bush, 17, and her 15-year-old accomplice were arrested by the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Tim Cameron told the Daily News Wednesday the "heinous" allegations in this case are some of the worst he has ever seen and has shocked the rural Maryland county.

The suspects recorded themselves assaulting their mentally challenged victim by pointing a knife to his throat, making him walk across a frozen pond and not helping when he fell in multiple times and kicking him in the groin, Cameron said.

Perhaps the most appalling charge was a sexual act they allegedly coerced him into performing. "The victim was forced to masturbate and then copulate with a family pet,” he said. “It’s beyond comprehension."

Hier geht es weiter.

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