Dienstag, Februar 25, 2014

Brite beginnt Kampagne, um vergewaltigten Männern zu helfen

A Bristol campaigner has launched a project to raise awareness of male rape. Dan Farr, who successfully campaigned for a reduction in the city's bus fares, has turned his attentions to a subject he says is too often overlooked.

(...) In a statement on his website, Mr Farr said he was concerned there was a "huge denial that male rape exists", rooted in mistaken beliefs that men could fight off attackers, women could not rape men, and male rape only happened in prison.

His new campaign comes after three high-profile incidents of male rape in the Bristol area over the past year. In that time, Avon and Somerset police investigated a total of 34 cases of rape reported by men – up from 18 in the previous 12-month period. According to charity Mankind, one in 29 men has reported being sexually assaulted and one in 20 has been affected by sexual violence.

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