Freitag, August 02, 2013

Kanada: Feministische Protestaktion verläuft kläglich

Mancher Genderama-Leser wird sich schon gefragt haben: Was wurde eigentlich aus der von Feministinnen angekündigten Protestaktion gegen eine Informationsveranstaltung zur Jungenkrise?

Wie das männerpolitische Blog "A Voice for Men" berichtet, habe dieser Protest erst einmal einen Vorlauf auf Facebook erlebt, der sich auf die bekannte Weise abspielte:

Although a full record of the conversations was not captured, the Facebook group discussion was notable for how often factual claims made by Men’s Human Rights Activists were ignored, while instead aspersions were cast at their character with sexist bigotry and name-calling by the feminists.

Demnach tobte auf Facebook die übliche "hate speech" mit den üblichen Ad-personam-Attacken statt einer Diskussion auf Sachebene. Über den feministischen Aufmarsch bei der Veranstaltung selbst wird berichtet:

At the lecture itself, the feminist group that arrived did not do any of the things described by Kustra on the invitation page. Rather than confront the Men’s Human Rights Activists as per their stated plan, they sat silently through the filmed lecture and question/answer session. The majority of them waited until the session was over and the camera was off, and then they fired questions at Dr. Brown, challenging his assertions, after the event was over and while he was packing up to leave.

According to Eric Duckman, not a single question was asked of the Men’s Rights Edmonton members about the posters, nor did the group make good on the threat to identify them. Once it was clear that they weren’t hiding, the feminist group seemed to lose interest. As Duckman remarked, For people who hate non-consensual stuff, they only seem to want our names when we don’t give ‘em up willingly.

(...) The group didn’t pursue a single one of their stated goals, and actively avoided the goal of discussing the "Don’t be that girl" posters with the MRAs. They met the one goal that really mattered to them: They drew attention to themselves.

Unter den Kommentaren des Artikels finden sich auch solche, die zumindest eine gewisse Sympathie mit den Feministinnen äußern. In einem davon heißt es etwa:

I actually feel for these young women. Where are the great intellectuals that sold them this empty ideology? Where are the famous, powerful, and empowered leaders that trained these girls to be bold and stand steadfast on the front lines, the leaders that would always have their backs? Where did they go when the lights got turned on? We are standing on their land -placing flags in the soil with only open ground ahead of us and instead of an army, we are met by some kind of reluctant greeting party!

Tja, wo sind sie, die großen feministischen Führerinnen? Auch in Deutschland schickt eine Ilse Lenz ja lieber ihren Zögling Rosenbrock vor.

Und "Francis Roy" merkt an:

I was part of that conversation, and I agree that any valid point was summarily ignored. I will, for the record, congratulate the feminists on their self-restraint. Whether their self-restraint was the product of an open mind, or the avoidance of public shaming is relatively unimportant to me.

What counts is whether they will be moved, even in the slightest degree, away from a hateful, ignorant and bigoted ideology to a more basic premise: all humans deserve to be treated with a base of dignity and respect, and that this base can only be achieved through active, open-minded, good-willed listening and a sense of integrity.

I believe that what the feminists and the MHRM share in common is a desire for a better world where people are treated fairly and equally.

Feminism hurts women too. When they stop making enemies or objects of men they might find that their lot in life improves as well.

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