Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2013

Wie Feministinnen "Vergewaltigung" so definiert haben, dass Männer nicht als Opfer zählen

Della Burton erläutert auf "A Voice for Men", mit welchen Methoden Feministinnen es in den USA, Großbritannien und Indien geschafft haben, sich das Opferabo zu sichern. Ihr Fazit lautet:

Feminists call it rape apology when it’s directed at female victims of male perpetrators, whether it’s denial that the victim was violated, or denial that the perpetrator did anything wrong, yet when the victim is male, and especially when the perpetrator is female, it’s feminists who take the lead in that denial.

Feminists call a community-wide attitude of rape apology "rape culture" when the victim is female, yet by their own definition, they’re most guilty of promoting a rape culture that tolerates victimization of boys and men, especially when the perpetrator is female.

After decades of research and theory building, feminist rape apologists know full well the damage they are doing to boys and men. They’re aware that their denial is preventing male victims from seeing the same progress in legal response and victim’s assistance that has been won for women. They know they are promoting lenience for female rapists.

(...) If male victims of sexual violence are ever going to see justice and recovery, it’s going to have to come from a better group of advocates.

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