Montag, Juli 01, 2013

Mutmaßliche Falschbeschuldigung: Student verklagt ehemalige Hochschule

Offenbar lassen sich immer weniger Männer alles gefallen:

A former Vassar College student who claims he lost his virginity to a fellow member of the rowing team sued the school yesterday for giving him the boot after she accused him of rape a year later.

Xiaolu “Peter” Yu says he and Mary Claire Walker engaged in “clearly consensual sexual activity” during a dorm-room romp last year, and that she sent him a Facebook e-mail the day after their one-night stand saying she “had a wonderful time.”

But Yu, a standout student from China, says he later got expelled on Walker’s “flimsy say-so,” alleging that male students at the formerly all-women’s college in Poughkeepsie are “invariably found guilty” when accused of sexual misconduct.

Yu’s Manhattan federal-court suit seeks unspecified damages on grounds including gender discrimination, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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