Montag, Juli 29, 2013

Indien: Neues Gesetz führt zu rapidem Anstieg von Falschbeschuldigungen bei sexueller Gewalt

A spurt in false cases has earned Delhi notoriety as the country's 'rape capital', a court here observed while acquitting a 75-year-old man of the charge of sexually assaulting his maid. The court said things have come to such a pass after the Nirbhaya gang rape in December that the mere statement of a woman about rape is taken as gospel truth, the accused arrested and chargesheeted.

"This led to an unprecedented surge in filing of false rape cases... It is these false cases which play havoc with the crime statistics, leading to the labeling of Delhi as a rape capital," additional sessions judge Virender Bhat said while acquitting Bhopal Sharma.

The court observed that as acquittals in such cases are hardly ever reported, the falsely implicated persons lose their honour, dignity and status in society, and while these cannot be restored, "these victims" can be compensated so that they can start life afresh.

It also noted that "it is a matter of intense regret that even the frail, sick and aged persons are not spared the false allegation of rape".

Hier geht es weiter. Wann hört man solche klaren Worte endlich auch von deutschen Gerichten?

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