Freitag, Juli 19, 2013

Analyse der Wikipedia enthüllt umstrittenstes Männerthema der Welt

New research has revealed the top ten subjects that cause most controversy on Wikipedia and one of them is a men’s issue!

Scientists analysed page edits to find out which topics are most fought over by contributors to the open encyclopaedia—and one of the top topics was all about men and boys according to a BBC report.

So which men’s issue has its own Wikipedia page that is in the middle of an ongoing “edit war” which is unfolding minute by minute as opposing editors keep making changes that are almost instantly undone by another editor?

Setzen Sie im Geiste auf ein Thema, das auch auf Genderama häufig behandelt wird, und lesen Sie dann hier weiter, um zu erfahren, ob Sie richtig liegen.

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