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Twitter-Kampagne #INeedMasculismBecause führt feministische Hate Speech vor

In den letzten Tagen haben Männerrechtler international eine eigene Twitter-Kampagne gestartet: Unter dem Hashtag #INeedMasculismBecause sollen Männer berichten, warum Maskulismus, also der Einsatz für Männerrechte, für sie wichtig ist. Das zumindest ist das offizielle Ziel deser Kampagne. Das inoffiziele Ziel scheint es zu sein, feministische Ideologinnen vorzuführen – und das funktioniert durchschlagend.

Der Verfasser des Blogs Toysoldiers berichtet:

I most enjoy it when it happens to politicians pretending to care about something they honestly could not care less about. A close second is watching ideologues show their true colors. Again, it takes skill and subtly. One must give the ideologue something that will attract them, something that fuels their appetite, and something that allows them to think they are getting one over someone else.

Enter 4chan. I am no fan of the site or its audience. However, a few of them decided to play a trick on feminists that has worked better than the 4chaners’ widest dreams. I give you the Twitter hashtag #INeedMasculismBecause.

If ever one wanted to see ideologues unleashed, reading feminists’ tweets on the hashtag will certainly suffice. Not since Fox News slipped into the Twilight Zone when Mitt Romney lost in November have I seen people so eagerly wallow in their own ideological stupidity. To put it another, if I or anyone else said that hundreds of feminists trolled a Twitter hashtag just to mock men, feminists would deny that would ever happen, and claim that I or whoever said that were sexists of the highest order. And yet that is exactly what happened.

(...) 4chan not only conned feminists into losing their collective minds by gleefully mocking men’s concerns, but they incidentally got feminists to reveal how bigoted and biased they really are. One could not write this kind of thing, and it is wonderfully ironic to watch people who complain about men’s rights activists trolling their spaces troll a hashtag for men.

If one wants an explanation for why I do not have a high opinion of feminists, #INeedMasculismBecause is a good place to start. Instead of writing something positive and turning 4chan’s attempt to mock them on its head, feminists played into by revealing their true biases. Worse, whenever anyone tweets something positive about men or treats the hashtag seriously, feminists mock those tweets as well. These are ironically the same people who will then turn around and claim they care about men and men’s issues.

Derweil feiern feministische Blogs wie Jezebel das feministische Massentrollen:

The hashtag was gleefully hijacked by the normal, thinking humans of Twitter, who are currently churning out hundreds of tweets lampooning Men's Rights talking points. I had to scroll down for years to find one sincere #INeedMasculismBecause tweet from an MRA. (And when you do find them, they read like parody anyway.) It's pretty awesome.

Das Blog Daily Dot glaubt aber zu erkennen, dass sich die Debatte nun allmählich doch in konstruktivere Gefilde bewegt:

Though the reclaiming of the tag was roundly declared a victory by feminists, once the hubbub died down the men's rights activists overtook the thread once again, and currently the tag is earnestly pro-masculism. One anonymous men's rights blogger shared a sampling of taglines from the conservative side of the debate:

#ineedmasculism Because I could not identify the abusive relationship I was in, because I did not know men could even be abused.

#ineedmasculism Because my sexual assault was dismissed as "You probably enjoyed it man." and "A women could never do that to you."

#Ineedmasculism Because my college is divided 70f/30m. Nationally it’s nearly 60/40. But There is no outcry to help young men.

#Ineedmasculism Because I know too many good, loving fathers, denied access to their children.

#Ineedmasculism Because my right to bodily integrity that Feminists clamor on about for pregnant women, was taken from me hours after birth.

#INeedMasculismBecause Prostate cancer which as frequent and dangerous as breast cancer gets low funding

#INeedMasculismBecause I am a nurse, not a male nurse

#INeedMasculism Because I turned a girl’s advances, and she had to announce to everyone at the party her thoughts on my sexuality.

Most of all, I need Masculism, because Feminists took a chance for men to air their complaints, and once again told them to shut up and mocked them.

When men come to the table with their issues, if your standard response is to mock and harass them. Don’t be surprised when they turn against your movement.

The hashtag has prompted ongoing debate on multiple platforms and social networks. (...) DenverLocal wrote on one thread about the tag that she appreciated the discussion: "I learned about the masculism movement because of the Twitter controversy and I have to say that I'm pleased to see the quality of discussion on this group. ... I'm a woman who runs an online feminist group that is very focused on intersectionality, civility, and mutual support, and we welcome people of all genders. I've been working to learn more about men's perspectives and experiences of gender issues specifically, and including those issues in my group myself when I feel I can discuss them intelligently."

As the hashtag continues to get traction, it seems participants are moving away from trolling and toward more discussion across the divide.

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