Dienstag, September 15, 2009

Finnland: Mädchen misshandeln ihre Dating-Partner deutlich häufiger als Jungen

Neue Studie, bekannte Ergebnisse:

Finnish boys aged 15 to 16 are more likely to experience violence from their dating partners than girls of the same age. The matter comes out in a study by the National Research Institute on Legal Policy.

An extensive survey on youth crime shows that 22 per cent of boys in a dating relationship had been hit at least once by their girlfriends. Only six per cent of girls had experienced similar events.

(...) The results were not very surprising, and followed the lines of a survey conducted in 2004, says Venla Salmi, who conducted the present study. She says that one likely reason for the greater amount of dating violence perpetrated by girls is attributable to attitudes. The threshold for girls to commit violent acts may be lower than for boys because violence perpetrated by girls is not taken as seriously as that committed by boys.

Helsingin Sanomat berichtet.


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