Freitag, August 01, 2008

England: Frauen- und Mädchengewalt nimmt epidemische Ausmaße an

The number of violent attacks by women has doubled in just five years in the age of the 'ladette' binge-drinking culture. Last year 87,200 women and girls were arrested for attacks – the equivalent of 240 every day. It is the first time in history that violence has been the most common crime among women and girls, taking over from theft. The category includes every violent offence from street brawls and assault to grievous bodily harm and murder. (…)

The number of girls entering the youth justice system also shows an alarming rise. Teenage girls were responsible for 15,762 assaults and serious beatings last year, as well as more than 1,000 muggings. They were also responsible for 5,748 incidents of criminal damage and almost 1,000 drugs offences, according to the Youth Justice Board. In just three years there has been a 25 per cent leap in offending by girls of ten to 17.

Die "Daily Mail" berichtet.

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