Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Fathers 4 Justice veranstalten "Gerechtigkeitsmarsch" durch Washington D.C.

Fathers-4-Justice announced today that they are leading organizations and family members in a “Justice March” through Washington DC on August 16, 2008. The origination point of the Justice March is scheduled to launch from the DC FESTIVAL 2008 Civil Rights Event at Upper Senate Park and continue to the United States White House.

Children’s and Parent’s Rights organizations from across the nation are scheduled to congregate on Washington DC this August 15 & 16 at the Upper Senate Park. Why? Because government policies do not reflect what is truly best for children and good parents. The event is bringing the major issues facing parents to the legislators’ doorsteps, their backyards, and their offices.

Hier geht es weiter.

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