Montag, April 20, 2015

Massive Kritik an Veranstaltern der Calgary Comic Con

Ich bleibe an diesem Thema mal etwas länger dran, weil für mich persönlich die Comicszene so relevant ist wie die Videospielszene für alle, die sich zum "GamerGate" positioniert haben. Da ich praktisch null Ahnung von Videospielen habe, hatte ich mich damit auf Genderama nicht so ausführlich beschäftigt.

Inzwischen berichtet der libertäre Blogger Beitbart über die jüngsten Entwicklungen nach dem Rauswurf der Männerrechtlerinnen von der Calgary Comic Convention:

Consumers aren’t just speaking out on Twitter. They’re also complaining to the Calgary Expo’s sponsors, which include CMP Chevrolet, Vue Weekly, Pattison Outdoor advertising, Air Electronics, and ATB Financial. Threads to co-ordinate the email campaign have been posted on Reddit and 8chan. Company representatives are likely to find themselves with flooded inboxes on Monday. One former sponser has already distanced themselves from the expo.

No doubt aware of their PR misstep, the Calgary Expo’s social media team have begun deleting potentially offensive tweets. A tweet linking to an article from the feminist blog The Mary Sue was deleted, perhaps out of fear that the close connection between the blog and the expo would add legitimacy to claims of political discrimination. Another tweet containing an image some found offensive was also deleted, no doubt to avoid further controversy.

None of this frantic PR manuevering has done any help for the Calgary Expo’s credibility, and they now face a campaign from angry consumers. Their convention’s hashtag, #CalgaryExpo, has been completely taken over by their critics, and despite some praise from progressive blogs, the consensus of pop culture fans is turning against them. Thousands of fans are now urging the Expo to retract their decision and own up to their mistake.

None of this is any solace to Alison, the 23-year veteran of the comic book industry, who has suffered the most professional blowback from the incident. Now facing permanent exclusion from Canada’s most popular pop culture convention, she posted a tearful video to YouTube giving her full account of the ordeal.

(An diese Stelle des Artikels ist das Video eingebaut, das ich für die Ausrichter der Calgary Comic Con wesentlich desaströser halte als selbst alles, was Karen Straughan zu diesem Vorfall sagen kann.)

It will be difficult for the Calgary Expo to maintain their argument that they were trying to create a "safe and welcoming environment" when they have a debacle like this on their hands. Alison’s video is likely to add fuel to what now appears to be the start of long-term campaign against the convention’s sponsors, with the expo’s bizarre code of conduct likely to become a key target.

This story is another example of the continued politicization of pop culture, a trend which shows no sign of stopping. Video games, sci-fi, and comic books have become flashpoints, with creators and companies facing an unprecedented level of pressure. No doubt the majority would like a de-escalation in the conflict, but political intolerance is a poor way to go about it.

Derweil äußert sich bei A Voice for Men ein weiteres "geek girl", also ein Mädel aus der Gamer- und Comic-Szene:

At times I thought maybe the men’s rights people were hyperbolic and that by considering them seriously I was making a slippery slope fallacy; my supposition was just because society is predisposed to be more protective of women and prioritize the feminist narrative, this tendency does not mean they will censor countervailing ideas.

My supposition was proven false.

(...) The Badger’s basic civil and human rights have been violated, and with this violation, my opportunity to show public support for them at the Calgary Expo was compromised. Bullies using the feminist narrative are more than willing to take away the rights of others, including "dissenting" women.

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