Mittwoch, Dezember 10, 2014

L.A. Times: Vorwürfe der Vergewaltigung dienen dem Griff zur Macht

Jonah Goldberg, Mitarbeiter der L.A.Times, muss ein Mutant sein. Er ist der bislang einzige mir bekannte Journalist, der durchschaut hat (oder zumindest klar zur Sprache bringt), wohin bei der aktuellen Vergewaltigungs-Hysterie der Hase läuft – es ist eine Strategie von Feministinnen, noch mehr Macht zu erringen:

In the wake of revelations that Rolling Stone reported as fact an unsubstantiated story of institutionalized gang rape, many feminist activists have dug in saying, in effect, the truth shouldn't matter, or at least it shouldn't matter very much — not when there's a "rape epidemic" engulfing college campuses. I put the term in quotation marks because I believe this alleged epidemic is largely a deliberate political fabrication.

(...) So what's going on here? Beyond the hysteria and legitimate concern, this is a power grab. It's no coincidence that the Rolling Stone article spent a great deal of time advocating for the expansion of federal involvement in higher education via Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.

As chronicled by Jessica Gavora (my wife) in her book "Tilting the Playing Field," feminist activists with the aid of sympathetic journalists and allies in the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy have used Title IX as a "far reaching remedial tool," in the words of the New York Times, to reorganize higher education to their ideological agenda.

(...) The UVA story was given to Rolling Stone by activists at the moment the Obama administration was pushing new Title IX regulations that would erode the presumption of innocence in rape cases on campus. There's no reason to expect this fiasco will even slow that effort. So cheer up Ms. Maxwell, you're winning.

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